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About Us

Image by Johannes Plenio

Who are we?

Born out of the need for accessible mental health care during the pandemic, Lostalittle is a virtual psychosocial support and counselling platform.We are a group of passionate youth and two dogs. We share the same dream-to make the world a better place one client at a time. When the pandemic hit in 2020, it became very evident to us that now more than ever, people need access to good mental health professionals from the safety of their own homes. Our journey since has only reaffirmed this need. Our aim is to provide easy access to affordable, competent and caring professionals to help you through your difficult time

What do we do?

We provide customised plans, rooted in the latest psychological and neurological research, for mental health difficulties. Our services are not only treatment-centric but incorporate preventive and promotive aspects as well. The membership plans are designed to provide accessible and affordable care without compromising on quality. To not let cost be a barrier, we also provide the first session at 99/-  

The 24/7 unlimited chat feature ensures that our clients are well-supported when they need us the most.  

What matters to us?

Each person has their own story that has shaped what they are currently experiencing. We understand the pain of having an untold and unheard story. We strive to foster an empowering space for our clients where they will have compassion, empathy and an unconditional positive regard for their story. Our goal is to help bring long-term sustainable changes that reduce the need for future treatment. We ensure our clients get all the care they need to keep going even when they feel a little lost.  

how do we do it?

Our counsellors employ an eclectic approach to ensure the counselling techniques used are tailored to each client’s symptoms, intensity of distress, personality and style of communication. The range of approaches used include (but not limited to) Cognitive behavioural therapy, Rational emotive behavioural therapy, Solution-Focused brief therapy, Mindfulness based therapies, Interpersonal therapy, and Client centered therapy. Our counsellors look into different dimensions of the client’s life impacted by mental health (individual, interpersonal, familial, professional) to provide avenues for holistic growth. 

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