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I cannot be more happy to find lostalittle. I have tried so much to find a good therapist but was disappointed every time. My search was finally over when I landed at lostalittle.

Every time I would get out of the therapy session, I would immediately feel at ease. The therapist created a safe non-judgemental space for me. She used CBT to treat me and it has worked magically for my recovery.


I was hesitant to talk to a therapist online but when 2 of my friends suggested Lostalittle then I thought about trying it out. It turned out to be really well. it's been 4 months now and I can feel the changes in my overall being. I am able to work on my traumas with professional help which anyday beats our closest of friends advices.

They have professional therapists with good experience and it comes with a convenience of sitting in front of your laptop and video calling your therapist. Monetary wise the value they deliver is really great.


I've been with Lostalittle for over a year and this has been life changing. I've recovered from things I never thought I would and my anxiety has been majorly under control but mainly I've had a massive mindset change all only because of my excellent therapist. She's sweet, very patient, knows exactly what she's doing, I can just be myself and open up without fear of being judged. Oh and they're very affordable. So if you are struggling and can afford to go for therapy, Lostalittle would be a good option


Great service. The therapist is really amazing and takes the time to listen and understand your problems.

Would recommend!


My Journey with Lostalittle has been the most safest space I have ever been in. Being able to understand you for who are and carefully advising you , helping you figure out things in the best way possible is something that I deeply appreciate about this place. The professionalism of my counselor and the empathy that is shown towards me no matter what the problem has helped me in many ways.. I have tried therapy in many places but Lostalittle is the Absolute Best!!
Thank you sooo much for putting this together guys!
I am Grateful <3



I have been struggling with depression on and off for almost 5 years. It was triggered by moving to a new city and being alone away from home for the first time in 25 years. For the longest time , I just thought I was lazy and let myself be . Went through a lot mentally physically and emotionally and was in a worse space of mind when I realized what I had done to myself and that I was in dire need of help. Well what do u do , when u have hit rock bottom. When you can't even manage a simple task like having a meal . 

That was the state I was in and I acknowledged that I was in need of help. So I reached out to medical professionals and was on medication to get a sense of balance back in life. It did get better for a while but then again , life happens and I was not on medication. But the learnings from the previous episode had made me acutely aware of what was happening with my mind. I had tried therapy a couple of times with others but it left me underwhelmed and I was hesitant to try it again . But I really needed some channel to express my emotions and I found Lostalittle based on a recommendation. I am glad that I made the decision to give it a try . I have had a few sessions with my therapist and it's truly been an emotional release for me. 

A safe space for me to express my deepest , darkest feelings and not be worried about being judged. I do have a support group with family and friends. But with these fast paced lives where everyone is going through so much of their own , it never made sense to me to put my feelings forward and make it tough for my loved ones as well. My therapist has been very reassuring , calm and wonderful to talk to.. I have a long way to heal but I am sure I will get there one day with help from such kind souls.

M, 22

I came across Lostalittle in the early days of the new year, where my life has been becoming a bit hard and was passing through a really tough phase from all sides, be it personal or professional. 

I enrolled for the trial session of 30 mins. and that conversation did make me realize this is where I want to be. 5 sessions later, here I am, more confident about myself, about my problem solving abilities and about my control over my own emotions.

Lostalittle has given me this open space where I could communicate easily and without any hesitation.

Sometimes all we need is someone to listen to us. Lostalittle has been that for me. It will always be!

F, 22

Lostalittle is one of the most affordable therapy platforms I've ever come across. My therapist is really good at her job, is very patient, sweet and understanding and has helped me come out of my anxiety. I also like how client friendly they are, your sessions can be scheduled at a time that's comfortable for you. Overall, I'm very glad I found them because therapy changed my life quite literally and I'm grateful for that ❤️

M, 32

When I signed up, I didn’t quite understand what therapy could actually do for me. I was worried about sharing information and couldn’t clearly tell what was upsetting me. My therapist has been incredibly patient with me and this has helped me open up a lot. I’ve understood how my past has shaped me and continues to influence me. But I’ve also come to realize that I can change this. My social life has improved and I’m much happier after I started my sessions

M, 23

Don’t expect immediate results as therapy is not how it looks in movies. It will help you only if you are patient and completely truthful about yourself

M, 27

Thank you for guiding me without any judgment..this is my first time I am open to someone about my issue.

F, 27

Since I’ve started our sessions, I can notice myself being more calm and dedicated. I have also been very calm with my anger towards my family (still trying to ace it). These sessions have definitely helped me achieve something I thought was not possible.

F, 24

Our sessions have helped me immensely. I’m in a much better state than I was when we started these sessions. Can’t wait to restart the healing journey in a few months time.

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