Appointments, Scheduling, and Rescheduling/Cancellation policy

Please read this document carefully. Be sure to ask us to explain anything that you do not understand or that you may have concerns about. It is most helpful when both the counsellor and the client have a good understanding of their rights and responsibilities. From this mutual understanding, a comfortable working relationship and safe environment can be created. ​


​​ Individual appointments are 30-45 min in length. We value you as a client and your appointment is held exclusively for you. It is important that you arrive on time. Please understand that if you are late, your appointment cannot be extended. ​

The therapist/counsellor will call you (unless you agreed on something different) when the session is due to start. If the call is unanswered, the therapist/counsellor will try again a few moments later. If the second attempt fails, we would ask you to contact your therapist/counsellor when you can take the call, but the session will still run from the scheduled time. If you have not contacted the therapist/counsellor within 15 minutes of the scheduled start, we consider that cancellation without notice (session cannot be rescheduled). ​

For clients subscribed to the monthly plan we offer additional flexibility in the duration of individual appointments. The monthly membership plan includes 4 individual appointments, a total of (45x4) 180 min. Some sessions can be intense, take up more time and other sessions you might not have much to talk about. 180 minutes of therapy time will be split across 4 sessions based on client needs. In case you require additional appointments within the month, you can send in a request to ​

​ Your therapist/counsellor will let you know the available time slots once you sign up to one of our membership plans. You can choose a time which is most convenient for you. ​

For clients subscribed to the monthly plan, your therapist/counsellor will let you know the available time slots at the beginning of each week. Alternatively, you can request for a fixed time and day for your sessions each week (highly recommended). ​​

​ We understand that you are seeking help amid your busy routine. We want to provide the best service possible for all our clients. We also want to ensure that we are utilizing our therapists’/counsellors’ time in the most efficient and effective way possible. we operate on a very lenient 6-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel an appointment over 6-hours in advance, we will allow for the missed session to be rescheduled (each appointment can only be rescheduled once). If you cancel after that, or if you cannot attend the call, the appointment will be considered cancelled as our therapist/counsellor has committed the time for it.